Freedom For All

Freedom For All is a non-governmental organisation created to draw attention to human rights' abuses and to campaign for the basic and fundamental freedoms enshrined in numerous United Nations' Organisations' treaties and conventions which call upon governments to respect and uphold the rights of all peoples within their jurisdictions.

Freedom For All is currently focusing on the Kingdom of Morocco's initiative to try resolve the long-standing issues relating to its Western Sahara region.

Our aims and objectives >>

The Kingdom of Morocco launched an innovative and imaginative plan, in April 2007, to offer its Southern Provinces of the Sahara autonomy and self-determination within the context of Moroccan Sovereignty.

This proposal offers the people of the Sahara, the Sahrawis, the opportunity to run their own affairs democratically through their representative legislative, executive and judicial bodies, while benefiting from Moroccan sovereignty in matters of foreign affairs and defence.

This Initiative for the Sahara region will enable the Sahrawi People to achieve self-determination through a free, modern and democratic means, and accords with both international law and internationally accepted norms and standards.

The resolution of this thirty-year conflict will facilitate the economic and democratic development of the whole Maghreb and help to promote peace, security and stability in North Africa.

Why was the Initiative devised?

The Initiative was launched to overcome the deadlock in United Nations' mediated negotiations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Algeria and their proxy the Polisario Front. As the work of several United Nations' Secretaries-General and their Personal Envoys to the region have failed to reach a mutually-acceptable solution, the Kingdom of Morocco drew up the Initiative for negotiated autonomy for the Sahara to reach a lasting political solution to the conflict.

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